Turbowheel Lightning

Turbowheel Lightning review

  •  Motor: 1000W
  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Range: 40 Miles
  • Weight: 77 lb
  • Max weight load: 330 lb
  • Tires: 10″ x 2.5″ pneumatic
  • Brakes: disc and motor regenerative braking front and rear

We will now give you my honest Turbowheel Lightning review. So are you ready?

Currently, electric scooters have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years as these scooters are suitable for our daily work, and now they have become trendy. 

Also, like any other vehicle, it does not require any fuel, so this electric scooter is environmentally friendly.  It is also a way to save money as any of your other vehicles will save money on transportation and the main thing is the durable electric scooter.

While you can use them for going around college and school campuses and commuting to work. kids have spent some good times on their electric scooter in the outdoors. 

The reason why you can enjoy the Turbowheel Lightning Electric scooter as much as you want is that I want to tell you that its speed is 40 mph which is very amazing. Yet, don’t think speed is the lone stunning feature. Speed is upheld by noteworthy mileage, effectiveness, and steadiness.

Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter Quality and Design

You may have seen the image of this Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter now and you may have thought that it has a slightly different look and feel than other electric scooters available in other markets. 

That’s right!  So this is a different scooter than the others.

It includes a thin steam tube and cumbersome deck with rear and front suspensions. It has a fold in handlebar rather than a straight one.

It comes in two-tone colors. The exact color is metallic red and black. Since two tones are used, this Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter looks a little different, which is a killer look.

This Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter is why you can keep it stored in your home because Turbowheel Lightning frame is foldable. Also, this Turbowheel Lightning is Heavy, so you were difficult to carry or pick it up on the shoulder.


This Turbowheel Lightning scooter can meet your different needs whether it is to commute, to go to the office, or even to have fun.  We think you will like these features. You can have fun running on any surface, whether it’s in a pit or rough, with its suspension in front and behind. 

You can also use its extra-wide tires on any road or surface.  You can run this Turbowheel Lightning scooter by jumping without losing control of your scooter.

You will go crazy knowing the speed of this electric scooter. If you are going to commute daily at a slower pace then this first mode is the best option. The additional speed that this electric scooter furnishes you with causes you to feel more secure. At whatever point you need to evade unexpected obstructions the scooter is furnished with the ability to do so securely.

The motor in it is very powerful which is why it provides 1200 watts of power as its system is dual-motor and you can choose either one or both.

You may find it strange to hear that I have gone crazy, especially with the hydraulic disc brakes of Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter.  Because the performance of these brakes is remarkable, that’s why expensive bicycles are fitted with these hydraulic disc brakes.  These brakes work so well that they reduce the speed of the running scooter immediately.

Turbowheel Lightning review


The tires of Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter are extra wide 10 ”. These joined with the rear and front suspension guarantees great performance. Its tires consistently give comfort and stability. You can ride scooter harsher territories. These scooters have double suspensions that absorb obstacles on the road as well as on all types of terrain

Turbowheel Lightning review


I want to tell you that the handlebars of Turbowheel Lightning are not as straight as other scooters.  So its handlebar is Fold-in XTasy which you can place the scooter anywhere without any problem.

It has hand grips that are rubberized and ergonomic for better grip. The handlebars of the scooter have various controllers as well as brake levers.

What is to the right of the handlebar?

  • keyed switch: To turn on the scooter you have to put the key here so the scooter will turn on.
  • Like other scooters, it has a large dashboard that allows the scooter rider to see its settings and other information.

It has three modes.

  • Mode 1: Selecting this mode keeps the maximum speed at 20 mph.
  • Mode 2: This mode gives a maximum speed of 30 mph.
  • Mode 3: This mode takes you to a higher speed.

What is to the left of the handlebar?

There are two buttons on the left

  • Single / Dual: So Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter has dual motors.  You can choose either a single or dual motor and you can choose to keep both engaged.
  • Eco/Turbo:  Engages you in eco mode to decrease power.


You may have found that scooters that make different types of electric scooters have different brakes.  So now it happens that some of the best electric scooters have strong brakes, which means that the brakes of some are strong while the brakes of some scooters are fine.

For your information, hydraulic disc brakes are considered to be the best quality brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are considered to be great brakes.  In any weather, whether it is raining or in a dry environment, they perform well. 

They guarantee the rider control over the best scooter.  This brake does not put any excessive strain on the frame of the scooter which means that the weight of the scooter does not change much due to this hydraulic disc brake.  But for your information, I would like to say that you need to maintain this hydraulic disc brake from time to time, but don’t think so, these are simple tasks.

The Turbowheel Lightning scooter has rear and front hydraulic disc brakes and is also regenerative. it implies that by changing over the motor energy lost when decelerating once again into put away energy in the battery, when you use the brake, the braking mechanism system recharge the scooter battery.

Retractable kickstand

So Kickstand, you know how important the use of Kickstand is, whether it is in a motorcycle or in a bicycle or someone else, the same use you need sometimes.  Because a rider or a scooter owner can’t stand a scooter without it, they have to support someone to stand up. The Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter comes with retractable kickstand.

The retractable kickstand allows you to keep the scooter charging and to keep the scooter upright.  Needless to say, you can still park the scooter on the kickstand at home.  Also, Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter is a little heavy so the rider retractable kickstand will be very useful.

Deck and lights

Other scooters deck are slimmer and longer then the deck of this Turbowheel Lightning scooter is a bit different which means it is wide but small and it ensures your balance and stability on the scooter.

It also has integrated rear and front deck lights. It also has the same features as other vehicles such as if you are riding a scooter on the road and the rear lights turn on suddenly as soon as you apply the brakes to reduce the speed so that if any vehicle is coming behind the scooter driver it will be alerted that it has applied the brakes.  Sometimes it is safe for the rider to ride the scooter in the dark of night.

Battery life 

The range of Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter is 44 miles because has a 52V 18.2Ah 957 Wh Li-ion battery so its range is fine. Some high-speed scooters have low mileage because high-speed scooters also require more power so many high-speed scooters have low mileage.

So the good news for you is that you get good mileage in this scooter.  Yes, this is true.  The reason behind this is regenerative brakes and a powerful battery.  Because of this, the rider can drive the scooter for good miles, but it has the best range of up to 44 miles.

Charging time 

Up until this point, we will disclose to you precisely what amount of time it will require to charge. So this scooter also has special features for charging so Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter is considered to be very good.

Normally some scooters have only 1 charging port.  But I want to tell you that this scooter has 1 port as well as two charging ports.  You must be happy to hear that.  Scooter charging is faster due to dual charging ports. You can charge it with 1 port charger as per your wish and you can charge 2 ports depending on you.

If you charge only 1 port with a standard charger, you will have to wait for about 9 hours for full charging of the scooter but if you charge both the dual charging ports, you will have to wait for only 4 hours for fast charging of the scooter.

Turbowheel Lightning review

Why We like Turbo Wheel Lightning Electric Scooters:

Energetic performance on any terrain

Extra-wide pneumatic tires and powerful dual motor of this scooter are faced with any type of terrain, be it potholes, grass, or any obstruction. Also, its suspension which is front and rear is very good.  So not only will they give you comfort on a smooth surface but you will also lose balance on any surface compared to other scooters.

Load capacity

If you are a heavy rider then you are heavy then this Turbowheel LIghtning scooter can carry your full weight on its own as it has a capacity of up to 330 lbs.  Also if you are carrying a heavy bag to work or school or the gym, you will have no problem with this scooter as you can go comfortably as it has better bearing capacity than other scooters. That is why this Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter is the best electric scooter for heavy adults.

Effective Mileage

If you compare the mileage of this fast scooter with others, you get the impressive mileage in this scooter.  Because of only powerful motor and battery.  Its mileage is 44 miles too fast so you have to salute this scooter manufacture.

Extra-wide pneumatic tires

It is worth noting that this scooter has the same extra-wide pneumatic 10 ” tires.  Indeed  These joined with the rear and front suspension guarantees great performance.  Its tires consistently give comfort and stability.  You can ride scooter harsher territories. One of the disadvantages of this tire is that it can be punctured.  These pneumatic tires also need regular maintenance.

Keyed start switch

Just like you turn on other motorcycles with the help of keys, you also have to turn onthe scooter.  But its features are important to me and it is important.  Thanks to the retractable kickstand because it allows you to keep the scooter in place.

Also, if you put this scooter on a stand somewhere, no one can steal your scooter due to its Keyed start switch feature. Only then do these scooters become a little more expensive than the average scooter because they have excellent features to protect the scooter from thieves.

3 Different Speed Modes

This scooter is the only one whose first mode is for daily commute travel.  Also, asks you a question whether you will drive this scooter slowly?  No right  We think the slow mode is only for small children.  The rest is up to the rider to ride the scooter as you wish.

 You should drive this scooter at a safe speed according to your condition.  That means you can run your speed limit as you like.

Some of the things we don’t like about this scooter

 The LED light of this scooter does not give much light

I don’t like the LED light in this scooter much. If you are driving this scooter in low darkness, its lights are not so powerful that it does not give much light.  I think if you are riding a scooter even at night, you do not have to rely on the lights of this scooter to buy separate lights for the rest of your desire.

 This is a heavy scooter

The full weight of this scooter is only 77 lbs.  The reason for this is also because this scooter is fully equipped with such a feature, so it weighs more. Also, it will be troublesome to carry this scooter with you anywhere and it will require a lot of effort, so it is not ideal in terms of portability.

Pros and Cons


  • Dual Motor
  • Great suspension
  • Quick Charge Time
  • Under $1,600


  • Deck light dont help much in obscurity
  • It is heavy because it is equipped with  alot of features.


This is very effective because you must have read our review. After all, this scooter is equipped with all kinds of features, so this scooter has made a home in my mind.  So I want to tell you my mind that this scooter is expensive but if you pay for this scooter you will not be disappointed because it is like that. You can use it for daily travel.  Also, if you have a little bit of fun, you can have fun riding it and it is all about providing safety, stability, and comfort to the rider riding the scooter. Our last decision is that the Turbowheel Lightning is worth the additional money you may have to spend on it.