Decent mileage and top speed is a must have for a perfect electric scooter for commuting. Foldable means it is not portable.  Portable also means that you need to be lightweight. Even if you have lightweight electric scooter, you have to put less effort to carry and lift the scooter anywhere.

All these requirements are in this Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter which also looks good and it is really portable and it provides good performance.  In this article, we have given Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter review.

Most commuters make a few big mistakes when buying adult electric scooters. Did you know?  Their mistake is that they want an electric scooter to commute but they pay more attention to mileage and speed when choosing an electric scooter.  So they choose the kind of heavy and cumbersome ones that are struggling to carry them and have trouble getting inside the house, in the trunk of a car as well as traveling by train.

Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter Review

Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter Review

  • Range: 10 miles
  • Speed: 16 mph
  • Motor: 250 watt
  • Battery: 24V, 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Tires: 6”
  • Product weight: 18.74 lbs
  • Weight load capacity: 220 lbs
  • Brake Style: E-Brake, Rear Braking


  •  It is charging at high speed and can be done in 4 hours.
  • With large inch tires, we can do smooth riding on it.
  • This is an affordable scooter
  • This is a lightweight electric scooter as it weighs up to 18.74 lbs.


  • It doesn’t have a front brake.
  • You will get one year guarantee but you will not get it on its battery.

Design and quality of Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter

The design of this Jetson Element Pro electric scooter is all black. If you are an adult rider then this is suitable for you.  The Jetson Element Pro measures 40 x 16.5 x 42.5 inches and when you fold it up to 40 x 16.5 x 15.  The Jetson Element Pro has an aluminum frame and is only 28 lbs, which makes it a lightweight electric scooter.

A lever is located in the steam tube of the scooter which makes folding the scooter better.  For this you have to pull the lever and then it will fold and secure with a hook.    Some features like this make this Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter portable.


The Jetson Elements Pro electric scooter has all the features you need to control it if it is located on its handlebars.  So you can have LCD display, brake and thumb throttle.  The Jetson Elements Pro has a thumb throttle on the right side of the handlebars and an electric brake button on the left side.  You will see all kinds of information like battery life, light function, speed on its LED display when you ride it.  It still has 3 different speed settings and you can use the power button on the handlebar to switch it.


The double brake system is in the Jetson Element Pro which is very efficient to bring the fast and safe stop as required.  So the first brake is in the electric rear brake and you can operate it at the bottom of the thumb on the handlebar and you can operate it where there is a red button on the left side.  The Jetson Element Pro electric scooter also has traditional mechanical brakes and this brake rider can control with his feet.


The size of the Jetson Element Pro tires is 8 inches and when you ride it, you will know that it is smooth and comfortable and it gives you good balance and stability.


If you take a Jetson Element Pro electric scooter anywhere, whether it’s shopping or going to the office, you can park it outside because it has a retractable kickstand so you can park it and leave it for your work.  And when you keep it at home, you can keep it standing comfortably.


Kids can ride this Jetson scooter and adults can ride it too. It is really designed for adults riders and there is no doubt about it. Its deck is wide enough so that even an adult can comfortably host its foot on it.


When this Jetson Element Pro or other electric scooter comes to your house, it needs some assembly, no matter which scooter comes.  So first you need to connect its handlebars to Steam.  The color code will guide you so you don’t make any mistakes. To secure the pieces together it includes 4 screws that are needed.

Performance for Jetson Quest Element pro:

The 250 watt hub motor is in the Jetson Element Pro, so it can run at speeds of up to 16 miles per hour. I would also like to tell you that the speed of a Jetson scooter is influenced by many factors such as the weight of the rider or the type of terrain you are riding and if the road is good then it can go at a comfortable speed of 16 mph.

You can select the three types of  speed settings. So in the first speed setting its maximum speed is 10 mph, in the second it is 13 mph and in the third speed setting it is 16 mph.

The electric brake of Jetson Element Pro works well and its acceleration feels very smooth.  Also, if you use the same mechanical rear brake, you will realize that it can stop the electric scooter quickly.

I would like to tell you more about this that these Jetson Element Pros are not suitable for rough terrain.  But it works well on moderately uneven terrain because it has 8 ” tires.

Battery life and charging time

In a single charge, you can drive a Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter for up to 12 miles. This is the mileage of this scooter.  In fact, we did not find the mileage of Jetson Element Pro as effective , but its charging speed is a little faster, if you compare the scooters available in other markets.  So you have to wait for 4 hours for the Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter to be fully charged and its charging speed is average.

When you charge the Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter, the manufacturer recommends that the scooter be turned on or off.  So it has a color indicator to help you understand while charging.  The red light will indicate when the scooter is charging and the blue indicator will turn on when it is fully charged.

Why we like about Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter:


The Jetson Element Pro is lightweight, foldable and very well balanced so you can pick it up and take it on a trip or other place without any effort.  I would like to tell you that this is a scooter intended for travelers in any form.

Overall Performance

When you ride the Jetson Element Pro, you will find it comfortable at first, but it will also be fun to ride.  Its display is also very useful when riding.  I like the fact that there is a speed limit because if you let the kids drive, you can give them a speed limit.

What we didn’t like about the Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter.

It has to struggle while running on the hill.

Most electric scooters slow down a bit while climbing, but who can overcome this problem is a powerful scooter.  I would like to tell you that Jetson Element Pro also slows down a bit while climbing.  If you are thinking of getting an electric scooter for yourself now, then you should know your daily routine for work or going out.  If there are many ups and downs in your journey, then you need to choose the best electric scooter for climbing hills accordingly.


So if you are looking for the best electric scooter for commuting, we can tell you that this Jetson Element Pro electric scooter will be the best.  Because holding all these points, it is also very portable.  We hope you enjoy the Jetson Element Pro Electric Scooter Review. Also, you should have got all the complete details in this Jetson Element Pro electric scooter review.